Ernest Ray Everett is a country boy, born and raised in Brandon, Mississippi, and is proud of it. His songs and performances have thrilled the hearts of thousands both in America and overseas. With his voice, both dynamic and yet comforting, Ernest developed into a fantastic Country entertainer. 

Ernest began writing songs and touching souls when he was four years old and learning to play the piano and guitar was a natural for him. It was around Christmas time and Ernest's father went to the store to get something really quick, when he came back, Ernest was playing a Gospel hymn on the piano, "When We Walk With the Lord". His talent was recognized by his parents and supported. His father had an old "Buck Owens" model guitar and an even older upright piano where Ernest learned to play. At the age of eleven, he joined his first band, "The Singing Disciples", a local Gospel band from Jackson, Mississippi that was founded by one of Elvis Presley's singers "Mr. Tom Cole". Together they toured a wide span of the Southern states. Their rehearsal room was moved to Ernest's house and all of their instruments were there. He took advantage of that and learned many different instruments such as drums, bass, guitar, organ, trumpet, saxophone and learned how to sing harmonies just by watching and listening to other people. His main instruments that he plays very well on stage are now guitar and piano. Ernest joined another Gospel Group by the name of "The Steele Family" after the separation of the "Singing Disciples". Among the members were many of his school friends. This group was founded by Jeffery Steele, a famous song writer from Nashville, TN, who is now a preacher for a church in Alabama. Faith Perry, otherwise known as Faith Hill was also in the group and went to school with Ernest. Together the two of them participated in many talent shows and won the "Most Talented" awards at McLauren High School for a few years in a row. 

At the age of 17, Ernest began to play for a band in Forrest, Mississippi called "The Lazy River Band", a country band that eventually cut an album with the "Charlie Daniels Band". A year later Ernest felt the calling of patriotism and joined the United States Army. He was stationed in N├╝rnberg Germany for four years. During his term of duty, he was a member of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment's Band as singer, keyboarder and drummer. Ernest became well-known in Germany in a very short time for his musical talents. Around 1990, Ernest became the singer for the rock formation "Spellbound" and was produced by Milli-Vanilli's own John Davis. 

Ernest left his rock band "Spellbound"in 1993 and returned to Country music by joining a local band. This band won a contest in Aachen, Germany with Radio Komma 1, and went to Hollywood, California for a professional video shooting. His song Mr. Right was filmed and the video came over really well with their fans. Another of his songs was put on a sampler and played on international flights from Germany to America. These original songs were also performed all over Europe and played on their radio stations. 

His next Country band was the European award winning band, "Silverwood", all the way through the 90's. Their CD's were sold all over Europe. He then toured with different artists and bands, also with "The Cripple Creek Band" throughout Europe. Ernest is planning a solo tour with band in the near future and is also working on his all original solo CD. Ernest has just made a three song Studio demo recorded in Nashville, TN with top musicians and vocally constructed in Anka studio in Denmark assisted and engineered by Gianni Cirianni. Ernest encourages his audience to forget their worries during his concerts and also while listening to his music.

Ernest Ray Everett is known for his high range voice and powerful shows. His voice just seems to wrap you up in his own little world as he performs and carries his music from stage to stage. With his up-tempo songs, he seems to sweep the people onto the dance floor as if they have no choice. Ernest's voice is even more powerful in his ballads. He seems to live each emotion that the lyrics of the songs throw at you, especially the ones that he composes himself. He writes with pure feelings and certainty of belief in all his lyrics. From the moment Ernest is on stage until the concert is over, it's as if there is some being pulling your attention to every move and sound he makes. 
Ernest is a great artist without a star attitude and is a must for all of your events.